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"We write serious music but we are not serious people."
- Dylan Franklin


Based out of Oneonta, NY Blackened Deathcore outfit I KILLED POSEIDON brings a destructive clash of slamming breakdowns, colorful tech riffs, and haunting progressions, combined with the storytelling of epic proportions. 

What originally began as a small jam project between guitarist Aleksey Pyatigorskiy and vocalists Zach Ward and Dylan Franklin, soon turned into a conceptual story-driven musical project as the band welcomed members Matt Carlson (Bass) and Lorenzo Aparicio (Guitar). Taking influences from modern metal and deathcore acts with elements of black metal and dark ambiance, I KILLED POSEIDON seek to provide their listeners an experience of grand storytelling;  Interpretations of myths, witchcraft, and other dark tales. Their debut release CULT CULTURE is set to be released early fall, with their first single "Wither and Suffer" expected to drop late July.

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